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File your GST Return On-Time from ATOZ Taxation | 100% Hassle-Free Process

GST Return Filing Fees by CA/ Consultant 

ATOZ Taxation Best Services at unbeatable price comparing to others in the market. We will Charge Rs.299/- P.Month for nil returns and Rs.500/- P.Month in case of any sales.


But GST Return filing fees depends on lots of factor. When you take services from consultants or CA ( Chartered Accountant ) firms. GST Filing is simple as well as complex matter at various points. Also Government have given no provision in Law for revision of GST Return filing. Hence its become very important to visibly choose your GST Consultant with best pricing. GST Law have 3 different taxes such as IGST , SGST & CGST.  GST Return filing fees in reasonably high in cities like Pune, Hyderabad Mumbai , Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai etc. Depends on case to case & city basis fees of GST filing starts from Rs. 200 to Rs. 5000 on monthly basis. 

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GST Return Fees

ATOZ Taxation Provides Best Services at Unbeatable Price.

  We will Charge

  • ₹ 499 per Month if you have any sales

  • ₹ 299 per Month if you have No sales (i.e., Nil Returns)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GST Return?

As per the provisions of the GST Act 2017, the registered businesses are mandated to file the GST Return to keep a record of paying any tax due to a few regulated circumstances.

Which Act of the Indian Govt. oversees the GST Return filing process?

The GST Return filing process is overseen by the Goods and Services Act, 2017 of the Indian Govt.

Can the taxpayer change the period of filing the Return?

A registered taxpayer can change or alter the period of filing the Return from Quarterly to Monthly or the vice versa.

Who is liable for GST Return?

As per the GST Act 2017, any person who is registered under the gst, is mandated to file the GST Return.

Can I file my GST Return on a yearly basis?

No. As per the GST Act, 2017, the GST Return can be filed only on monthly or quarterly basis.

Should I visit the GST authority to file the GST Return?

No. ATOZ Taxation provides a complete online procedure for GST Return filing so that you do not have to physically present anywhere to complete the filing process.

How should I know that I am eligible for the GST Return filing or not?
Following the provisions of the GST Act, 2017, a business personal becomes eligible for GST Return filing in case of sales/purchase input during a time period.


Points to Remember

  • The scheduled late fees can be altered or extended by any official notification issued by the Govt. of India

  • Not filling the GST Return with sales by the due date would lead to a late fees of Rs. 50/day (Rs. 25 for CGST and Rs.25 for SGST)

  • Not filling the GST Nil Return by the due date would lead to a late fees of Rs. 20/day (Rs. 10 for CGST and Rs. 10  for SGST)

Benefits of GST return Filing with ATOZ Taxation

  •  Personally assigned GST Taxation Experts

  • 100% Online Process

  • Services available to any corner of India

  • 360° taxation guidance at Fingertips

  • Best services at an Unbeatable Price

  • Up-to-date supervision as per the Govt. notifications

  • Call,Chat Support

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