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                Patent is the kind of intellectual property right is regulated by the Indian Patent Act 1970 and is granted to the true inventor for the protection of the invention, or an assignee or a legal representative. In order to attain the patent registration in India an application shall be filed with the patent office. The patent registration in India is granted on the basis of the first to file basis i.e. the person who has first filed the application will get the patent registration.

What are the benefits of obtaining patent Registration?

  • Owner gets the protection over his invention.

  • Creation of intangible assets.

  • Exclusive Rights Granted for 20 years.

  • Can be transferred or licensed giving monetary benefits.


What are the documents required for patent registration?

  • Applicant’s identity and address proof

  • Inventors’ identity and address proof

  • Complete specifications

  • Description, claims, abstract and drawings, if any

  • Details of all corresponding foreign applications, including application number, date of filing and current status


What is the process of patent registration in India


Making the proposal

  • First of all an abstract, plan, diagrams, drawing describing the invention must be created.


Check the compatibility of you invention

  • Further, the complete patent search must be conducted to ensure that is capable of being registered


Draft an application for patent registration

  • Prepare the application either filing on complete basis or for provisional basis. One important thing to be noted here that the final application must be sent within 1 year of filing the provisional application.


Waiting period

  • After the application is filed there is a mandatory wait period of 18 months for the examination.


Initial Examination

  • Further, the patent application made will be examined by the examiner to check each and every aspect of the invention carefully.


Patent controller Examination

  • A final scrutiny will be conducted by the patent controller to check that the invention follows through each and every requirement of the patent.


The certificate of registration

  • If all the stages mentioned above are complete, the patent will be granted. The grant of patent will then be notified in the journal.

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